Fully Signed Iron Maiden CD

Hi all,

Unfortunately my request wasn’t approved to sell my photo I’ve made of Iron Maiden for my project:

“the Maiden live shots are copyrighted images and it causes all kinds of problems in the wider world of trademarks and copyrights in our ongoing battle with those out to exploit the band by piracy etc.”

However they still wanted to support me, by giving me a signed CD of their live album EN VIVO which I can sell for the KWF cancer foundation!!!

EN VIVO is a live album of The Final Frontier World Tour at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile on 10 April 2011 and included 2 CD’s.

Disc 1: 01. Satellite 15 02. The Final Frontier 03. El Dorado 04. 2 Minutes To Midnight 05. The Talisman 06. Coming Home 07. Dance Of Death 08. The Trooper 09. The Wicker Man

Disc 2: 01. Blood Brothers 02. When The Wild Wind Blows 03. The Evil That Men Do 04. Fear Of The Dark 05. Iron Maiden 06. The Number Of The Beast 07. Hallowed Be Thy Name 08. Running Free

You can buy this album for €39,-, a nice present or a gift for yourself + support directly The Dutch KWF cancer foundation!!!

Who’s interested in this CD can give me a message here on my website
or www.biancabergerphotography@gmail.com.

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